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We are located at:

4828 NE 33rd Avenue

(about 4 blocks south of Killingsworth)

(east side of 33rd Avenue)

Visitors are always Welcome

Regular meetings are held in the Oregon Stamp Society (OSS) clubhouse on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 8 PM, unless otherwise stated in the monthly calendar.

The Rose City Stamp Fair is an official OSS bourse and is held at the clubhouse on the second Saturday of each month from 10 AM to 4 PM.

The Stamp Collectors Corner is an official OSS bourse and is held at the clubhouse on the fourth Saturday of each month, except December, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

The Northwest Philatelic Library (, a charitable non-profit corporation, is open before meetings and during bourses. Check the calendar for open times.

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August 27, 2019

David Epps
"What You Can Get For A Dollar"

Next O.S.S. Board Meeting
September 10th. 6:00 P.M. 

The next Oregon Stamp Society Foundation Meeting
will be held at the clubhouse - date TBD

Clubhouse opens at usual time.
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All events subject to last minute changes


Watch Here For Future Events in Portland:

Oregon Stamp Society

Rose City Stamp Fair 

2nd Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM - Every Month.

Collector's Corner 

 4th Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM - Every Month Except December

Both Stamp Shows are at the OSS Clubhouse

 4828 NE 33rd Ave Portland, OR

503 - 284 - 6770

Stamp Fest

Presented by Gary Hoecker

Shilo Inn Convention Center

Willamette 1 Room

June 15th. 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Scheduled Dealers:

     Gary Hoecker, Bob Beal and David Markowitz


Next Stamp Fest: TBA

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Harriet Quimby
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We have some excellent articles for helping you plan an exhibit:

PIPEX   2020

PIPEX 2020 Will be held on May 8, 9 and 10.This is Mother's Day weekend. Please note our new location, The Holiday Inn located near the Portland Airport 8439 N.E. Columbia Blvd. near I - 205. Check the website found below for more details as they become available.


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Perhaps the most frequently asked question in Philately (Stamp/Cover Collecting)

 To have your stamp and cover collection evaluated,

Please Call For an Appointment -
503.283.4770 (M-F 10am - 5pm)
or email     ==>>

We look at collections at our Collectors Corner Stamp Show
on the 4th Saturday of each month - EXCEPT DECEMBER
1 PM to 4 PM.

Other dates might be arranged - but we are a
volunteer based organization
a 9-5 business.

If the collection is in more than two large moving boxes
Please make an appointment
a very large collection can not be assessed in half an hour.


===> August 24, 2019 <===
===> September 28, 2019 <===

A knowledgeable Club Member will look over your stamp and cover collections (remember, no one knows everything). An evaluation can usually be done in 20 - 30 minutes. Depending on its value and your intentions, we will try to give a list of options/recommendations on how to continue the collection or to find it a new home, if you have no long term interest in stamp collecting as a hobby.

There is no charge.

    We are at 4828 NE 33rd Ave - about 6 blocks south of Killingsworth. Our building is old Fire Station #34. It is a distinctive brick building with 5 white columns in front. A tall white Flag Pole marks the entrance to our parking lot at the south side of the building.

Some Basic Points

 Does The Oregon Stamp Society buy stamp collections?

    At this time we are only buying United States stamps which are unused - in the same condition as purchased from the post office - with full gum on the reverse (stamps before 2000) or self adhesive stamps since 2000 which are on the original USPS paper. We are now paying 35% of the face value of the stamps. Damaged stamps, stamps stuck together, stamps stuck down on paper or stamps without gum on the reverse are of no interest to us.

Stamp Collecting - Hobby or Investment?

    Historically (prior to 1940), stamp collecting (unused stamps and used stamps on envelopes or removed from envelopes), was a form of intellectual endeavor or entertainment. It evolved into educational and bonding experiences between children, parents and grandparents - learning about history, geography, people, etc. In general - inflation adjusted stamp prices probably peaked by the mid 1980s. Stamp collecting is not a growth industry. Stamp values are strictly a matter of Supply and Demand. At this time stamp collecting is a buyers market. Wholesale and retail prices are "soft" for most stamps and stamp collections. Only the scarest stamps of Top Quality and the Best Condition, command high prices. 

Stamps of exceptional high value are:

(1) Very Rare,
(2) in exceptional condition by Philatelic Standards, and
(3) are in high demand by individuals who have a lot of money to spend.

Stamp Collecting - Many Shapes and Sizes

    There are many categories and sub-specialties that make up stamp collecting. The main categories are "stamps" and "covers". Sub-specialties of "stamps" include: unused (singles, plate blocks, sheets), used off-paper (stamps which have been removed from envelopes) and used on piece (corners torn from envelopes with the stamps attached - generally “Kiloware” - sells by the pound). "Cover" specialties include: postal history, military mail (naval covers, censored war time mail), First Day Covers and special event commemorative covers like First Flights, Post Office Dedications, etc. Some people also include picture post cards - especially those between 1905 and 1920.

    There are many more specialties than those listed here - most of which non-collectors probably have never heard of. Some of these, though very popular in the past, no longer have a following.

    One general rule - used stamps still attached to the envelope are more valuable than those stamps which have been soaked from a cover. When in doubt, leave stamps on envelopes until you can have a knowledgeable person look at them.

Some Options

    If you have no interest in continuing a stamp collection, some options may include:

1. A collection with substantial cash value ($1000+) may be sold at auction.

2. A collection with some cash value may be sold in whole or in part to a stamp dealer or collector.

3. A collection with minimal value may be donated to an IRS 501(c)(3) charity generating a tax deduction, IF you are able to itemize deductions. The recent change in Federal Tax Law appears to have negated this option for most individuals on their Federal Return. It may still be viable on your State Tax return. As of February 1, 2018, this situation is very fluid - solid answers may take some time to develop.

4. Donation regardless of a tax benefit - putting the collection or a portion of it into the hands of people who would use and appreciate the items.

First Step

    Have the collection evaluated. You may try to use the internet - but unless you know exactly what you own, you will probably find this to be frustrating  and miss-leading.

Affiliated Philatelic Organizations

Oregon Stamp Society Foundation (OSSF)

The OSSF is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation can accept donations which may be tax-deductible for you, including cash, philatelic materials, or other properties. Our goal is to promote philatelic activities primarily through support to the Oregon Stamp Society.

To obtain additional information on how to make your donations and receive a tax benefit please contact:
Win Bohme ( or 503.668.6265)

First Stamps

(a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code)

Upcoming Events

visit; for latest information

A Note From Phil:

     Donations, regarless of content, are always welcome. We do however have specific needs. Among them are: British Machins (stamps and covers), U.S.M.C. mail (and military cancellations), U.S. National Parks ("Farley's Follies" to present), Cats (stamps and covers), Canada (postage stamps an revenues), Seashells (stamps and covers), Lebanon, Space (worldwide stamps and covers), Ukraine (all periods), West Germany (airmails, offices and overprints), Bears (especially Grizzlies and Teddies), Geisha Dolls, Ducks (stamps and revenues), Bighorn Sheep (worldwide), Beavers, Argentina, World Cup Soccer, Water Lillies, Vatican City, Fossils, Mining, U.S. Plate Blocks, Christmas Seals and Poster Stamps.

     Any duplicates, or donations, will be quickly donated to local scouts and the next generation of philately.


Thank you. 



               In Memorium Larry Spray 1944 - 2018








Old Portland Fire Station #34

The Oregon Stamp Society (OSS) purchased the building from the City of Portland in 1960. It is our permanent home and we are very proud of it. Over the years it has grown to be a center for Stamp Collectors and a Community Resource for a number of other non-profit organizations:

Oregon Stamp Society Foundation

Northwest Philatelic Library

First Stamps

Vintage Chevrolet Club - Columbia River Region (VCCA)

Corvair Society of America - Corsa Oregon Chapter

Studebaker Drivers Club - NW Chapter

The Portland Society of Magicians

All Ireland Culture Society

Oregon Historical Model Society

Sojourn Church PDX

See All of the Upcoming Events
at Our Building

The Building is available for one-time short rentals and long term periodic rentals.
We are located in a residental neighborhood and any use of the premises must be in keeping with being a good neighbor.

No parties. No alcoholic beverege consumption.

Basic rates are:

$125 per day for one-time rentals;
$65 per day under an annual lease.
Plus refundable cleaning and key deposits.


If you would like to discuss
your possible use of the building
please contact our

Property Manager: Ula Mae Neligh


Synopsis Of Our Most Recent Program







                                                                              Closed Album - Arnold Lawrence "Larry" Spray 1944 - 2018 

                                                                                                                          By: Sheryll Ruecker and others

t is with deep regret, that we announce that one of our long standing members, Larry Spray, passed away on Sunday October 14th. after a year of year long battle with lung cancer. He was 73. Survivors include his wife Julie, brother Ron Jagow, many cousins, sons Chris and Tim and grandchildren Chelsee, Cody and Jacob Jackson.

     Larry spent much of his working career with Union Pacific as a yard master, and conductor for both freight and passenger trains. He performed many behind the scenes jobs for the Metro and PIPEX shows in Portland since the late 1990s. He was co chair, with the late Ron Sumner, for PIPEX 2009 which was held at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Later, he was the floor manager, dealer liaison and security manager for PIPEX after the show was moved to the Red Lion on the Columbia River. He will be remembered for having a way with dealers which encouraged them to come to the shows, which promoted mutual respect, and cooperation, as well as a lot of fun had by all.

    Larry's main collecting interests were the Falkland Islands and King George VI. While not an exhibitor, he did make a page for the Oregon Stamp Society's club showcase exhibit for PIPEX, and SEAPEX 2017, his chosen letter "G" standing for King George VI. He also enjoyed reading, especially military history, and collecting antiques. After retirement, he and his wife Julie, traveled the world.

Larry liked to tell the story about the best stamp that he ever found. He looked for years through thousands and thousands of stamps from the Falkland Islands Sc151a, and then actually finding one.  Even though his Falkland Island's collection was impressive, he decided to sell it at auction. At that time, it realized approximately $11,000.

    Over the years, Larry served on the boards of the Oregon Stamp Society, Northwest Philatelic Library, Portland Philatelic Expositions and First Stamps. His most recent accolade was a special award, given at PIPEX 2018, in recognition for his work as floor manager, bourse chairman and other services to philately.

      He helped others by giving rides to the clubhouse on meeting nights. He kept an eye out for other members collecting interests and contributed to the Oregon Stamp Society archieves with finds of PIPEX covers and programs. His participation, and guidance, in the remodeling of the first floor of our clubhouse was a major reason why it was successful. He is one of the  main reasons why we have a nice updated facility to promote philately.

      Larry was a kind, and generous, man. He is one reason why many of us have some of the treasures that we have in our collections. We will miss him and offer our sincere condolences to his wife of 36 years and family.

    A memorial service for Larry will be held at 3:00 P.M. on Wednesday November 21st. at River West Church, 2000 Country Club Road, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034. All are welcome to attend.