2004 Auction



THE HIGHEST BIDDER for each lot shall be its buyer.  Auctioneer shall retain full discretion in the case of dispute as to the highest bidder.  A 10% buyer’s fee will be added to the final bid price.


FLOOR BIDDERS will be furnished a numbered bid paddle to be used when bidding, and will list their name, address and telephone number when given the card.  The floor bidder following the sale of the lots shall make payment of the entire purchase price.


MAIL BIDDERS will be notified of lots purchased and must remit payment before the lots are sent.  Successful mail bidders will, in addition to the 10% buyer’s fee, pay the appropriate postage, insurance and shipping charges.  The minimum shipping charge shall be $1.00


AUTHENTICITY AND EVALUATION: Each lot is sold as genuine, unless offered “as is” or otherwise described.  Care has been exercised to insure that lot descriptions and evaluations are accurate, but they can not be taken as statements of fact.  Rather they are statements of the opinion of the auctioneer.



1.      Lots containing 10 or more stamps, which may have minor differences in condition than that, stated as average for the lot.

2.      Lots from purchasers that had the opportunity to view them prior to the auction.

3.      Stamps described as having defects or a quality standard as very good or below; for appearance, centering, margins, or cancellations, where the lot has been photographed.

4.      Lots offered “as is”

5.      Lots containing over 1000 stamps, for a difference in count or listed catalog value of less than 5%.


CONDITION:  Grading of stamps in order; SUPERB; EXTREMELY FINE; VERY FINE; FINE/VERY FINE, FINE; VERY GOOD; GOOD, AND AVERAGE.  The term SUPERB will be used sparingly, and reserved for truly choice material.  In larger lots, degrees of condition will denote the average, and copies both below and above such condition can be expected.  The standard of condition for covers is in relation to the period of use and the nature of the transmission to which the particular item was exposed.


CATALOGUE: numbering and values will be from the latest Scott’s Standard or Scott’s U.S. Specialized catalogues unless otherwise noted.

  The term EST is an ESTimated auction sale value, while the term CAT means actual CATalog value from the most recent Scott catalog.


PROXY BIDDING: The auctioneer will hold Mail and Email bid amounts in confidence and bid them accordingly.  Winning mail and email bids will be one increment higher than the second high bid.


OPENING BIDS have been determined by the committee to be fair and reasonable.  Bids below the opening amount will not usually be recognized nor will the auctioneer lower the opening bid.  Material not receiving an opening bid will be sold at alternative venues and will not usually be available at future auctions.

            Opening bids may be higher at auction time based on arrival of more than one Mail or Email bid.


TERMS OF PAYMENT: No credit cards please.



ê = Mint with original gum         êê = Original Gum, never hinged

?ê? = No Gum or Regummed

P = Picture         ? = Used         ) = Cover

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