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473 N/A 2 shoeboxes with 200+ #6 envelopes with used, CTO and mint stamps from Albania to Uganda, over 180 countries. Each envelope has from 1 or 2 to 300 stamps, most in the 10-30 range. Mostly different, few duplicates in fuller envelopes. Appears to be lower denominations, 1940s to 1970s or later. Mixed condition, some stuck, others OK. Quatar for example, has 15 - 20 mint low denominations, including round foil embossed, all catalog 40 cents or so each. Germany, England and Canada have 4 to 7 fuller envelopes, 4 or 5 others with 1 extra envelope. In addition, there are 36 glassines w/duplicates from England; 35 glassines with UN mint from Jamestown Stamp Co.; and 67 PRC CTOs from Kenmore. Estimate 3500+ stamps. $36.00 $100.00

WorldWide Covers
474 N/A Over 200 mostly modern postal history. Mostly US, some Canada, Japan and a few other countries. A few older covers - mostly foreign. Many #10 envelopes, some recyclable at once, and some good ones. Note a #6 envelope, postmark Apr 17, 1932, Edmonton Alberta from "BOB OF THE NORTH LAND" (Noted cover maker) regular letter to Pasadena, Cal. Besides the sender, noteworthy is the clear postmark and slogan cancel. Another cover, a #10 envelope with Mailers Postmark #001 from Eagle River, AK to OSS library. (Population Eagle River: 1) $8.00 $15.00
475 N/A 64 mostly commercial covers. 40 are from the US - the rest are from foreign countries. Primarily mid 20th century postal history. Several air mail covers from Central and South America. $7.00 $15.00
476 N/A Official International Tribute to PRINCESS DIANA First Day Covers by Postal Commemorative Society. Super Deluxe all the way; 8" X 10" pages in better sheet protectors, in a Blue 3" thick, 3 ring true lay-flat binder. Approx. 102 covers, 1997 - 1998 from Afghanistan to Uruguay. Pages have information about Diana and the issuing country. Extra 9 Souvenir sheets for her 21st birthday. $26.00 $150.00
477 N/A International Collection of FDC cacheted covers commemorating the US Bi-Centennial. Mostly #6 envelopes in Westport Blue Album, 9 1/2" X 10 1/2". $10.00 $35.00
478 N/A 14 US 19th century covers with various stamps. 11 US covers and postcards 1901 - 55; 11 US FDCs 1937 - 63; 13 WWII censored covers from South America to the US, and 25 worldwide covers and postcards, 1929 to 1967. Plus 23 large envelopes and package "Fronts" of the 1930s, to the US. Several are from Japan with a roller/parcel post "English" postmark. $24.00 $50.00
479 N/A Total of 90+ covers. 3 covers franked with 37 cent Photo stamps. 5 Doc's Local Post Covers. 6 recent registered covers to the US (3 from Germany, 2 Japan and 1 Great Britain). 54 modern US covers. 15 unaddressed US FDCs. Plus 11 recent covers from around the world. $8.00 $12.00
480 N/A 50 covers, mostly 1930's, US to Belgium and Belgium to US. A few others including a Newfoundland Air Mail cover to Syracuse, NY with "opened by examiner" seal, another censored cover, a couple from New Zealand and Ethiopia. A couple with stamps missing, most are intact. Mostly common usages and frankings. $12.00 $30.00
481 N/A 215 mid-20th Century Covers. All commercial covers to one company in the US from many foreign countries. Include Registered, Special Delivery, Air Mail, etc. Noted covers from Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Venezuela and others. $24.00 $40.00

WorldWide Back Of the Book
482 N/A Excise Tax & Revenue Stamps, about 100, from Mexico, Tanganyika, Italy, Greece, Brazil,. Japan and Germany. A few Christmas Seals. Approx. 100 definitives from China and 50 from Indonesia. A few labels (National Wildlife). $15.00 $40.00

WorldWide International Reply Coupons Collections
483 N/A 50 International Reply Coupons. Interesting variety of countries; Austria, Spain, Japan, Korea, etc. 20 have not been postmarked. All are in crisp mint condition. $40.00 $60.00

Topical California Pacific International Exposition Stamps
484 N/A 3 duplicate souvenir booklets from the California Pacific International Exposition with Cinderella Stamps. Each booklet has 48 different stamps with views of the Exposition. In near mint condition. Copyright 1935 Stamp Guild; they apparently intended these Cinderellas to be collectables with issues from different countries. $4.00 $20.00

Topical Charles Lindbergh Collections
485 N/A Large folded poster of the Spirit of St. Louis (Reproduction of the original plane). Flown from Grand Rapids, MI to Chicago. Signed by the pilot. Includes color photos (personal, not commercial) of the plane on tour. Also includes 6 covers and postcards postmarked on the 50th Anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's flight. $10.00 $20.00

Topical CSA Banknote Back Of the Book
486 N/A $10 Confederate Banknote from Richmond. Series F dated November 1863 and hand numbered #34405, with 2 original signatures. Trimmed close at the lower left corner, tiny tear at upper right corner. $12.00 $20.00

Topical Doris Day Covers
487 N/A 31 Aerogrammes from 16 different countries, all addressed to the actress Doris Day. Most include a message - many requesting a signed photograph. All mailed 1953 - 6. Countries include Hong Kong, Southern Rhodesia, India, Sierre Leone, Gold Coast, etc. Also one aerogramme from a Serviceman in India, sent to the actress Rita Hayworth in 1946. $16.00 $35.00

Topical Legends of Baseball Collections
488 N/A USPS - "Legends of Baseball Scrapbook and Stamp Album" with 4 US stamps in mounts. Plus a 1989 Dodger Team photo 10" X 14" Folder with sheet of St. Vincent stamps depicting the various players, to be placed in position on the folder. $3.00 $5.00
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