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Remainder lot => 82 souvenir pages (CV $405+, includes Roberto Clemente); 17 commemorative panels (CV $190+, includes Robert F. Kennedy). A lightly used Don Hirshhorn American Album, with a few stamps. A few foreign topical stamps and covers. Even 4 -$2 bills - two with April 13 1976 postmarks. A $1 Silver Certificate and some foreign currency. $20.00
Large 10 lb plastic container of US Kiloware. Mostly on-paper. Some off paper. Unsearched - offered as received from the consignor. $20.00
2 Scott, 32 page stock books in good clean condition. Includes mint and used stock of stamps 1890s to 1940s. Heavy duplication. Plus a Harris independence Album with a few stamps. $20.00
Approximately 93 used stamps, a few mint, better items on dealer stock pages in a binder with slip case. Find the stamps you need to upgrade your collection, then sell or trade the rest. $20.00
Collection of several hundred used US stamps on Minkus Album pages from 1847 to 1969. includes air mail issues. Good condition in two albums. $20.00

United States Covers
UX1 // UX283, + UY and UXC
Collection of a few hundred US Postal Cards from the 1870s to the mid 1990s. Includes airmail and paid reply cards. Some unused, some used (often both). Minor duplication. Used are generally commercial, but also a few FDC and special cancels. Many better items, including properly used UX59, UX91, UXC14(X2) and UXC24. Mixed condition, but mostly sound. $50.00
About 450 small covers with Oregon Rural Station and Branch cancels. This is a good group of these hard to get cancels - many branches and rural stations did not last a long time. $200.00
Over 350 small covers from Oregon towns east of the Cascades. Some machine cancels, but about 90% are hand cancels. 1940s to 1980s. Includes some Rural Station postmarks. Good lot - deserves close inspection. $200.00
Over 400 small covers with California postmarks. About 150 are Rural Station and branch cancels. The rest are mostly hand cancels. 1950s to 1980s. $200.00
About 450 small covers with Oregon postmarks. Includes many DPOs and most are hand cancels. Noted some unusual place names. $150.00
Over 400 small covers. Includes 80+ RPO and HPO covers. Many US Pacific Island territories and possessions. 1940s to 1990s. Nice group - deserves a good inspection. $150.00
About 400 small covers with Oregon and Washington cancels. Small and large towns with a few Rural Station cancels. 1940s to 1980s. A mix of machine and hand cancels. $150.00
About 450 small covers with Oregon postmarks. Includes DPOs. Good mix of machine and hand cancels from the 1940s to 1980s. Many small towns, some with postmaster signatures. $150.00
Approximately 450 small covers. Includes Air Mail First Flights, a few APOs, naval covers, Nevada and Idaho cancels plus additional states. A few Rural Station postmarks. Plus some Arctic and Antarctic covers. $125.00
About 400 small covers with postmarks from across the US. Many with unusual place names - Turkey Ford OK, Gun Flint Trail MN, etc. Even includes some Rural Station cancels. Quite a variety. $100.00
Over 400 small covers postmarked from towns in Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, North Dakota and Nebraska. Includes large and small towns, rural stations and branches, and postmaster signatures. Noted unusual place names like Shamrock VA, etc. 1940s to 1970s. $50.00
Remainder collection which includes over 100 US FDCs - some airmail issues. 200+ stamps from Brazil - inspect closely for sleepers. Several Rocket Mail labels from India. Also US Astronaut photos. Lots of treasures in this large box - a very eclectic accumulation. $30.00
Approximately 300 small covers from towns in Alaska. Mostly hand cancels, just a few machine cancels. Plus approximately 125 small covers from other states - note the unusual place names, like Hungry Horse Montana. $40.00
California postmarks on covers and postal cards, time period 1950-80. Many rural station cancels. Over 400 items. $20.00
Large collection of very clean First Day Covers. 776 covers, mostly postal Commemorative Society covers on special pages in five large post-binders. They range from 1972 to 2001 issues. Includes high denomination definitives, se-tenent commemoratives and booklet panes. $30.00
About 60 small covers with California postmarks. Some duplication. Includes some good Rural Station and Branch cancels. Plus over 60 small covers with Hawaii cancels. 1950s to 1980s. $30.00
Approximately 250 small covers from Washington towns. Some duplication. Includes DPOs and rural stations. 1950s to 1980s. Mostly smaller towns. $30.00
Small accumulation of unusual postal history. 55 plus covers with auxiliary markings, including "Service Suspended ...", Returned to Sender, etc. From pre-WWII to 1983. From Malaya, to Cambodia, to Korea and Palestine. Many still have original enclosures. Interesting group. $20.00
Several hundred US covers. Includes 15 Canal Zone FDCs, four 19th century Banknotes, US Souvenir Sheets (philatelic), commercial usage of Postal and Postal Reply cards (still attached). 20th Century and more. $20.00
Approximately 300 WW2 covers, most with contents. Navy and Air Force including V mail, free franks and airmail, even saw a Red Cross… Well worth an in depth look. $20.00
1750+ philatelic and non-philatelic covers. Primarily 20th century - includes some registered and other special services covers. An eclectic group with a wide variety of usages. $20.00

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