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Box of mostly old US covers. 220+ including a few foreign. 1900-60s. Includes a few Special Delivery, corner card advertising and WWII items. $20.00
600+ US FDCs, 1940s to 1970s. 2/3 are cacheted. A nice clean group of covers. Minor duplication, if any. 500 commercial mail covers of the mid to late 20th century. Probably no big surprises, but does include a large number of Christmas cards. $20.00

United States Back Of the Book

Scott #K2-10, 12-14 (plus an extra K4), all unused OG, hinged. A few with hinge remnants. 8a and 9 with possible small thin. Exemplary centering - the worst centered stamp would still be VF. Check these out!! Scott 2011 Specialized $965.00. $200.00
K6, K10
Two nice examples of the 1919 China surcharges. MH 12¢ on 6¢ and 20¢ on 10¢, reasonably well centered F-VF. 2009 Scott CV $145 $30.00
R1c // RV30
Collection/accumulation of about 1200 US revenue stamps. First 3 issues plus other documentaries, proprietary, future delivery, stock transfer, wines and a few other BOB. Mostly used, but includes some unused. Condition is mixed, about what one usually encounters in this area, but with many sound stamps in the $2-20 range, some higher, a few much higher. Moderate duplication, with perhaps half a dozen of the same stamp mounted one on top of another. Includes R86a, R80c, R97c, R100c, R141, RD312(faulty). Scott 2011 Specialized well over $2500. $250.00
Collection/accumulation of about 1250 revenue stamps. Mostly documentary, some proprietary, stock transfer, wines, playing cards, and motor vehicles. Mostly used, but some unused, even some NH. Very mixed condition. No great rarities, but possibility of finds - not checked by us for watermarks, silk paper, double transfers, etc. Many stamps in the $1 to $15 CV range. Some strength in First Issues, including some pairs and strips of 3. Moderate duplication. $100.00
RW4, RW17
Three hunting permit stamps. RW4, used (signed) but still has 95% of the original gum. Hinge remnants, nice neat small signature. RW17 used but unsigned. VF centering, vertical crease near the right edge, small thin lower right corner. Another RW17 used, signed. Average centering, Sound, no thins tears or creases. $6.00
1941-2 Duck Hunting Permit stamp, MNH with natural gum skips. VF centering, small dot at center right looks to be a post production stain. Scott CV $275 $22.00
RW5 // RW46
Small collection of "wounded" ducks. RW5, 7(2), 24, 41(2), 42, 43(3), 44(5), 45(2) and 46 (3). RW5 is a "soiled" no gum copy. One RW7 is no gum. All others have vertical creases and or tiny to small paper loss. Cat $275. $4.00
Clean NH example of the 2006 Hunting Permit souvenir sheet with artists signature. Slightly up and left of perfect centering. Only 10,000 issued. 2009 Scott CV $160.00 $40.00
Collection/accumulation of about 280 US private die proprietary stamps. Mostly different, but moderate duplication (rarely more than half a dozen of any one item). Condition is quite mixed, about what one usually encounters with private dies (see note in Scott), but some are very nice. Includes RO30b, RO77a and RS66a. More than $1000 in Scott 2011 Specialized value. $150.00
Collection of a few hundred US Revenue stamps, plus a few postage dues, telegraphs and state revenues in an old Grosset & Dunlap album. First Issue to mid-20th century. Usual mixed condition - please examine. Owner's cat. Value of $800. $100.00
Collection of 17 First Issue Revenue Stamps with printing varieties (double transfer, frame line double, scratched plate, etc.) cataloging $370.05. Some of the varieties claimed by previous owner are not listed in Scott or appear dubious, in which case the basic value of the stamp was counted. Plus 7 First Issue and Second Issue (R114) stamps with unlisted perf varieties, the basic values of which add up to $301.05. Mixed condition. Examine thoroughly. $75.00
Scott National Album with small starter collection of US Revenue stamps. 85 stamps from First Issue revenues to Hunting Permit stamps. Even a few on stock transfer documents from 1919. Plus 21 miscellaneous covers. $20.00

United States Discount Postage Collections
Discount postage lot, full gum. 1 cent to 18 cent denominations. About $675 face value. $300.00
Discount postage lot, full gum. 1 cent to 18 cent denominations. About $675 face value. $300.00
Lot of 2,710 - 15 Cent denomination stamps. Easy calculation to make the new 45 cent domestic letter rate and $1.05 International letter rate. Face value of $406.50 $250.00
Accumulation of mint postage. 20 full panes from the 29 cent to 33 cent era. Includes some better panes, such as Celebrate the Century (The first five of the series), Dinosaurs, Dolls, Sonoran Desert, etc. Plus various other odds and ends. Total face $195.90 $160.00
Includes singles, multiples, even a few sheets (Birds and Flowers). Generally 10 cent to 22 cent denominations, a few higher and lower. Good clean, full gum postage lot. Face value $280+. $150.00
Collection of US mint sheets and a few extra stamps. 13 cent to 33 cent denominations. Includes premium items like Birds and Flowers, Dinosaurs, Alexander Calder, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, etc. Face value of $211.81 $160.00

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