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WorldWide Collections
Very nice 19th Century Collection in Schaubek Album. Close to 4000 stamps. Includes numerous that catalog $50, $100 or higher. Decent depth throughout, especially in the Americas (No USA). $400.00
"The Lincoln Postage Stamp Album," a vintage just post WWI album with 7749 stamps. Very broad depth with stamps ranging to the 1950s. Mixed condition with hinged, faulty and some stuck down stamps. Still many better items. Worth a close look!! $150.00
Worldwide collection (US included) of a few thousand stamps in blue Scott International, vols. 1-3 (19th century to about 1951). Mixed condition, but generally pretty good. Used and unused. Not a whole lot of stamps, but better values throughout. Strength is in Italy, which catalogs well over $500. Better values include Italy 324-8, 359-63, 495-506, and 518, Austria B189-98, Chile 254, Netherlands B224-8 and B229-33, all unused hinged. Albums and pages in generally good condition. $120.00
Investment lot of many hundreds of stamps, almost all non-British. Used and unused. Mostly early to middle 20th century, with great variety. In glassines, on sales pages and cards, and in a stock book. Several better items cataloging $100 or more. Minor duplication. Some strength in France, Germany, Benelux. Original Cat. Value from decades ago is more than $2000. Various odds and ends included. A great opportunity for the right buyer. $100.00
7100+ mint and used stamps in three bulging Master Global albums. Some mounted, some loose in envelopes. Huge variety - almost every country is represented. Overwhelming volume for a starter+++ collection. 19th century to middle 60s. $75.00
Minkus "Comprehensive World Wide Stamp Album". Pages to mid-1960s. Stamps on nearly every page. Very good start to a World Wide Collection. Plus 2 small albums and a stock book of British Commonwealth issues. In all about 4800 mint and used stamps. $40.00
Scott International Part I in two volumes, covers 1840 to 1940. "Partially Hingeless" due to leftover mounts. Only a couple thousand stamps, but very nice albums to house your collection - and they come with slip cases. Missing pages for a few South American Countries, but otherwise complete. $480 retail for just the pages from Scott! $40.00
Minkus 1956 "New World Wide Postage Stamp Album". 3400 + mint and used stamps. Wide variety, probably no rarities. Just a few US. Some duplication. A few "loose" stamps. 19th Century to early 1950s issues. Lots of colorful, topical issues. $30.00
4800 stamps, mint and used in albums, in stock books and wallets, on loose pages and in glassines. Mostly older issues - duplication. Plus 150 mint Germany - including semi-postal issues. Plus 3 lbs. of Kiloware - mostly on paper. A lot of variety in this accumulation - sure to keep you busy for quite some time. $40.00
Varied, worthwhile remainder lot. 11 oz. of mostly used, mostly foreign, stamp mixture; no obvious rarities, but includes some better values; quite diverse and mostly on paper. A little over 100 covers, again mostly foreign; some interesting and unusual items of the last 60 years or so. AND a little over $60 face value of mint US postage. $30.00
Remainder lot of World Wide stamps, mint and used, on and off paper, in small albums, cigar boxes, baggies and glassines. Literally many thousands of stamps. Even a couple of pounds of US stamps off paper. This will take days to sort and organize. Many different countries are represented in this lot. $30.00
2600 + mint and used stamps in a 1930 Scott "Modern Postage Stamp Album." Includes the usual suspects and some better mint items. Mounted and loose in the same album. Lots of value for someone who takes the time to separate the better items. $26.00
2000+ world wide mint and used stamp issues in a 1933 Scott "Modern Postage Stamp Album". Virtually all before WWII. Probably no great treasures, but good representation throughout the album. Would certainly fill many spaces in some collections. $20.00
Dealers stock of US and World Wide stamps - identified on cards in glassines. 4200 mint and used by owners count (inventory list included) $20.00
Collection/accumulation of a couple thousand mostly foreign in a lighthouse stock book. A very few 19th century to at least into the 1970s. Much Germany, some UK, Canada, US, small amounts from many other countries. Minor duplication. Mixed condition. No great rarities, but many worthwhile stamps and a possibility of some finds. Some nice topical material. Mostly used with some unused. $20.00
Accumulation of a couple thousand mostly used, mostly US, from the 19th century to the 1970s. Foreign are quite diverse. Much early 20th century used US - possibility of some finds in this group. Some better values. Some commems and BOB. Mixed condition. $20.00
4500 + mostly used stamps in two International Junior Postage Stamp Albums (1930/1933). Mostly common - nice variety throughout. Worth a close look. $20.00
Scott International Volume II (1941-1949) with slip case. Approximately 1300 stamps doesn't begin to describe the treasures that await within. Well worth that 2nd and 3rd look $26.00
1938 Scott "Modern Postage Stamp Album" with over 2000 mint and used stamps. Mostly common issues, but does include a few better items. Nearly all countries are represented. Nice starter collection. $24.00
Miscellaneous remainder lot. Includes several small boxes and envelopes with US and Foreign stamps - on and off paper. Plus an Israel collection on White Ace pages. Plus a UN collection on Minkus pages (and more unmounted). Paperback book on the stamps of Monaco and much more. $20.00
1955 "The New World Traveler" album. About 3100 mint and used stamps. There are stamps on nearly every page. Probably mostly common issues, but also a treasure or two hidden in this neatly mounted collection. Includes 19th issues - early Great Britain and others. $20.00

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