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LOT# CAT#   DESCRIPTION   StartBid Estimate
52   U.S. collection in two different style albums. From the middle of the 19th. Century to the mid 1950's. Used and unused. Very mixed condition. Needs to be examined carefully. A few stamps are mounted in the wrong place. Many 19th. Century, Washington - Franklins, (including coils and imperfs), early special deliveries etc. Some revenues and other BOB, possessions, etc. High catalog value. Includes used 71,116, 220C, 229, E3 and unused C18(F-VF, hinged). $120.00 $200.00
53  Mint collection in mounts on Scott pages which have been trimmed to fit sheet protectors (protectors not included). Nearly complete collection 1940-89. Face value of $320. Buy for postage or to re-mount on pages of your choice. Includes commemoratives, definitives, coils and some high denominations. $150.00 $200.00
54  Nice U.S. collection in 2 Scott Specialty binders with Scott commemorative pages to 1992. Complete from 1940 with all stamps in mounts - face value of $181.25. The section from 1904 to 1940 is nearly complete. All stamps are mint and in mounts. Includes a C18, but not the C13 - 15 set. From the Columbians to 1904, the sets are a mix of mint and used. Most of the stamps from 1904 - 40, are nice in appearance. Some faults. Worth a look. $120.00 $180.00
55  Nice US collection to build on. H. E. Harris Liberty Stamp Album with pages to 1987. Mostly mint from the 1930s onward. Face value of the mint (1940-1987) is about $100. Collection includes some older items such as Columbians to 10 cent denomination, a few large bank notes and a few BOB (US #C2). $70.00 $150.00
56  An almost complete collection of Special Deliveries. Early issues are mostly used. Later issues are mostly mint many never hinged). Variable condition. Many are rather nice, including some of the earlier issues. Others are not so nice. Examples are E3 mint, and E7 used. 2014 Scott Cat. Value: $400+. $80.00 $100.00
57  USPS "Stampers" Youth collection from 1997-99. All items are in mint condition. Does not appear "played with". Plus extra US stamps purchased from the PO. Face value of the stamps alone is $72.80.Includes some extra youth oriented collecting material, plus some foreign stamps. All in good condition. $40.00 $60.00
58  Stock of Revenue Stamps. Mostly Wines, Newspapers, Telegraphs and Documentaries. 100+ stamps. Some duplication. Mixed condition as usual for the wine stamps. $30.00 $50.00
59  Collection of PNC strips of 3 and 5. 150+ strips with minor duplication. Catalog value: $275+. All on Vario pages. Collection also includes a number of coil pairs and singles - not counted in the value above. $40.00 $50.00
60  1960 Minkus 2-post "The All American Stamp Album" with supplements to 1977. Annotated pages for each stamp issue or series. Yellowed edges. Approximately 1000 stamps, only a few before 1900. Some full sets like the Prexies, including coils. About $15 mint face value which would be good for postage. Noted $100+ in singles and sets with CVs over $3. Light cancels - good to fill some holes in your collection. $20.00 $40.00
61  Two post blue "simplified Album for US. Scott pages 1847 to 1941. About 300 hundred stamps from 1851 to 1940, mostly used. Most in good condition. Some mixed mint and used sets. Includes some BOB - air mail, parcel post, special handling, cut squares, postage dues and revenues. Not a lot of depth, but useable material. Plus a late addition - 3 manila stock sheets with mostly US used, a few revenues. $20.00 $40.00
62  Remainder lot. About 150 modern US covers. Some post cards. Small box of stamps on paper. PCS type souvenir folder on the 1907 Jamestown commemorative issues. A candy box full of no-gum postage (maybe $10-15 face amount). Plus other hidden treasurers!(?) $15.00 $30.00
63  Large box with 2 1/2 pounds of mostly U.S. mixture on paper. Many are recent commemoratives including "Forever" issues. Also includes some older U.S. and worldwide. $20.00 $30.00
64  Large Priority Mail box with 4 oz. U.S. on paper, 23 oz. U.S. off paper, about 100 modern U.S. covers, some First Day Covers, and a partially used Disneyland ticket book including an unused "E" ticket. $15.00 $20.00
United States Covers
65 24 July 18 1859 New York Circular (Junk Mail) rate to Digby Nova Scotia. Includes the original contents! Very unusual to find international use on cover. $20.00 $40.00
66 65 Civil War covers. Starts with 1863 Alexandria, VA under US occupation, May 3rd usage with soldiers letter. Next Lacon, IL to Danville, VT June 1864 with letter. Finally a General Dix cachet used with damaged stamps & a "We Fight it out on This Line" cachet unused. $20.00 $40.00
67 73 1868 Court Letter from Supreme Court of the State of Vermont, Burlington VT, December 16 1868 to Kinesburgh VT. Nicely centered Black Jack tied by CDS and cork cancel. Scott Catalog Value is $90. $20.00 $30.00
68 232 1893 3¢ Columbian on Columbus Day cover from the Worlds Fair Station. Machine postmark, 2010 Scott Cat. Value $225. $40.00 $60.00
69 803//851 77 FDCs with Crosby photo cachets for the Presidential Series, including vertical and horizontal coils. Includes some cachet varieties and combo frankings. Only negative is the absence of the 4 1/2¢ issue. Oh, and one big plus. The $5 cover is signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. $100.00 $300.00
70 803//893 1938 Presidential Series and 1940 Famous American Series First Day Covers. Several sets plus extras. Various cachet makers. Includes: coils, blocks of 4, plate blocks, some very interesting combo frankings and booklet panes. Over 330 covers in new sleeves. $100.00 $300.00
71 O127//O136 U.S. Officials on 4 Parcel Tags plus a card which apparently functioned as a Parcel Tag. From 3 to 6 stamps per tag. Most stamps are sound, but a few are quite faulty. Includes #O133 (VF and sound) and 11 #O132. $20.00 $50.00
72 O127//O139 Accumulation of modern U.S. Officials used on 5 covers plus a full pane of 100 #O127 on a piece of cardboard. Includes #O129 (2), #O138, #O139 (pair plus single), and a solo use of #O132. Almost all of the stamps on covers appear to be sound. Catalog value: $100+ (off paper). $30.00 $80.00
73 O133 U.S. Scott #O133 used plate block of 4 on a parcel tag. F-VF Light cancel and appears to be completely sound an unusual item!! 2014 Scott Cat. Value: $48 as (4 singles) $20.00 $75.00
74 O133 U.S. #O133 F - VF used on Parcel Post Tag. Solo usage 2014 Scott Cat. Value $12 (off paper) $15.00 $30.00
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