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29 Nice US collection in two Scott National Albums. First album well loved with about 1500 stamps. Better include #112 ($150), #152 ($220), #162 ($140), #165 ($140), #239 ($100), full set of Prexies MH ($140+), Special Delivery Earlies #E1-9 ($374), #C10a (the booklet pane, $75) and many other better items. Condition is a bit mixed on the earlies. Second album is a "New in 1976" with under 200 stamps, obviously meant as a replacement for the first album. $300.00 $450.00
30 Nice US Collection in two Scott National Binders. Starts with 1851 and continues to modern - pages go to late 1990s. Highlights include #37 ($375 + 65 for red cancel), #71 ($190), Columbians include five mint stamps, 15¢ cats $225! There is even a City Dispatch for Philadelphia. Postage totals a bit over $25 face value. $200.00 $350.00
31 Remainder lot with mint US postage in two albums plus some unused postal stationery. Denominations from 2¢ to "first class" rate. Mostly singles and blocks. Also includes some better mint individual items with a premium value above face. Total face value is about $500. $275.00 $350.00
32 Two albums. 1) The Poole Loose Leaf Album. Mint and used issues, 19th and 20th century including BOB. Columbians to 30¢ (thinned). A few complete sets. Mixed condition. Still, some useful material here. 2) The Poole United States Album. Filled to overflowing. Many mint issues. 1922-26 to $5 complete. Lots of BOB. This is a sleeper. Worth a lot more than the start bid. Take a good look at this one. $150.00 $300.00
33 Two albums. 1) Minkus Album with a few earlies and some BOB. $90+ face value mint up to Express Mail. Some complete sets (Prexies and Prominent Americans). Some are a mixture of mint and used. 2). Scott National Album. Examine closely. Many better items - but they seem to be space fillers, with small to large faults. Nice BOB including PR114-25 (hinged and thinned). About $100 in mint postage. $125.00 $250.00
34 98 blocks of 4, 2 souvenir sheets, 8 blocks of 6 and 1 block of 25 NGAI #730. Some pairs. All unused. 1/2 pre 1930 ok for hinge. Still many blocks of 4 have 2 stamps MNH. Catalog prices block of 6 or plate blocks. National Parks issue and special printing issue. Catalog values as blocks or as individual mint run $2.00 - $22.00 for many or most. Airmail section contains C7,C8, C10, C11, C12 AND C17. Prices range $2.25 - $9.00 per stamp, and $9.00 - $36.00 per block, if not higher for a block of 4. Last section is 1926 - 37. $50.00 $150.00
35 Collection of several thousand stamps in 2 albums and 2 binders with stock pages. Albums contain a few Columbians up to 10¢. A few bank notes, and bureau issues, both 1933 APS souvenir sheets, and Byrd Souvenir sheet. Famous Americans (complete set mint), some BOB and over $50 face value postage from the late 1930's - 50's. Also found a mint $5.00 Hamilton (Scott number 1053 - CV50). Binders house duplicates organized by Scott number 796 - 1843. $60.00 $100.00
36 12+ lbs. of US Kiloware. On and off paper - old and new - mint and used. You could find just about anything in this lot. 19th and 20th century, definitives and commemoratives, BOB - even precancels and perfins. Check out the cigar box with stamps inside. $50.00 $100.00
37 A modest, but still worthwhile, collection of about 100 U.S. 19th. Century revenues. Mosly "First Issues" (with a few imperfs and part perfs) and Second Issue, with a few proprietaries and playing cards. Quite mixed condition, but some very nice stamps. The best are, no doubt, R78a (sheet margin, very light manuscript cancel) and R110 (cut cancel - lightly impressed herringbone). $40.00 $100.00
38 Collection remainder with value. Two binders with Manila and Hagner pages. A few FDCs. On paper kiloware - about a pound - plus some off paper. About 120 postcards. About 20 Duck Stamps - some on license. Cinderellas and other revenues. A few foreign stamps and a couple of children's albums. Several thousand stamps in total with duplication. $40.00 $100.00
39 A collection of a few hundred revenue stamps with most of the value in the first three issues. Rather spotty, and rather mixed condition. Does have several quite nice items, such as R87c, R89c, (X4), R120 (no cut), R125 ( X2 - one cut, one not), R147 no cut. Catalog value: $400+ $50.00 $100.00
40 Collection remainder - US: 75 covers including WWII era censored mail, about 125 picture postcards (mostly chromes), a collection of mint and used stamps arranged in glassines (#11 to 2¢ reds and beyond). Plus a Bonus: a collection of UN stamps and covers (about 400 mint and used postal stationery, postal cards and commercial mail and several hundred mint stamps in glassines). $30.00 $90.00
41 Starter, all different, plate Block Collection on Harris Album pages (1900-63) in a three-ring binder. No early blocks, collection starts at 1947. More recent plate blocks included on 5 manila stock sheets. Total face value is 107.90. Also includes a few which are stuck down - not counted - could be used for postage or as single stamps. Priced as discount postage - What A Deal!!! $55.00 $80.00
42 Several thousand mint and used U.S. stamps, from the classics to the late 20th. Century. All are in glassines. Appears that all of the mint stamps are stuck down. Refill your "nickel box" and upgrade the " space fillers" in your collection. TWO LARGE BOXES. $40.00 $80.00
43 Massive - maybe 10,000-20,000 used US in hundreds of small envelopes. Organized by Scott #s. Begins with large banknotes and runs through revenue issuues. Who knows what may be hiding in this very large plastic tub. $40.00 $80.00
44 The Columbia U.S. Plate Block Album, copyright 1960 by Grossman. MNH blocks in Crystal Mounts. A few empty mounts. Otherwise, appears intact. Begins with 1928 Valley Forge, and ends with 1962 Samuel Rayburn. Most are blocks of 4 with a few blocks of 6. Face values range from 01¢ to 10¢. Estimatedcatalog value $220. Also has Airmails C54,C56,C57,C58,C59,C60 and FA1.Catalog $17 for the airmails.734, PB6 $24 catalog. 903 - 21 flags catalog at $42. Most others catalog at about $1.00 each for a block of 4. Total estimated catalog value: $280. $40.00 $80.00
45 Nice US collection of mint and used stamps. A few 19th Century issues. Strength is in the complete sets: 1922-26 perf 11; Prexies; 1954-60 definitives; Prominent Americans; Washington Bicentennial; National Parks; Army-Navy; Famous Americans; Overrun Countries. $40.00 $75.00

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