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68 C7//C46 Three double sided "Vario" pages with United States Airmail blocks and plate blocks. Scott value: $318.00 $30.00 $40.00
69 C16-17, C19 U.S. Airmail, Scott #C16-7, C19, Plate Blocks. The 5¢ is hinged between the top two stamps. Both of the other values are MNH. 2015 Scott cat. Value is $132.50. $20.00 $40.00
70 C18 Beautiful mint block of 4 $0.50 "Baby Zepp" stamps from 1933. The top 2 stamps have hinge remnants. The bottom 2 are MNH. All are very well centered. Catalog value is $280 based on 4 single mint stamps. $50.00 $80.00
71 C18 A nice MNH example of the Century Of Progress "Baby Zepp". Catalog value: $90. $24.00 $36.00
72 C18 A nice "Baby Zepp" (C18) . Copy is mint with a hinge remnant. Nearly VF centering. Bright color. Catalog value: $50.00 $20.00 $30.00
73 C23 Sc. #C23 20th Anniversary of Air Mail Service issue, Full sheet of 50, MNH. Nicely framed using archival materials. Small paper adhesion on the top edge. $65.00 $100.00
74 E1 - E3 Early, 1885 - 93 Special Delivery issues. Used examples of the first three. Total catalog Value: $175.00 $30.00 $50.00
75 E2, E4, E5 Three of the five "Running" Special Delivery Stamps. Decent copies, nicely centered. Scott Catalog value is $137.50. $20.00 $40.00
76 E2 1888 Special Delivery issue. Mint, with several hinge remnants. F - VF centering. A few thin perfs at the top. One tiny closed tear at the upper right. Catalog value: $500. $20.00 $40.00
77 J4-J7 High values of the 1879 printing of "Postage Dues". Typical cancels, 30¢ has a tear at the center bottom. Total catalog value: $245 $50.00 $80.00
78 J18-J20 1884 printing higher values, Used, or uncancelled, with no gum. Nice examples of the red brown shade. Total catalog value: $155 as used. $30.00 $50.00
79 Q1-Q12 & QE1-QE4 Parcel Post and Special Handling issues. Mostly used, with a few unused. Worth a look to fill in those empty spaces. Total catalog value: $267.40 $50.00 $80.00
80 RW1// RW42 & RW73A A nice collection of ducks from the beginning to the mid 1970's (plus 2006). Not complete, but there are some nice ones. Total catalog value: $1668. $150.00 $240.00
81 RW15// RW50 Ducks. Some "wounded". Some nice. Primarily from the 50's and 60's. A few into the 70's. Includes 6 on licenses. $20.00 $30.00
82 RW19//31 Nice used collection of duck stamps from a duck hunter who is also a stamp collector. All are in good condition. No tears or creases. All but one has F - VF centering. The other is average. All stamps have the same small signature. A very nice group of 12 duck stamps. Catalog value: $142. $26.00 $40.00
83 RW26 The classic "Labrador Retriever" duck hunting stamp. MNH and VF centering. However, it is "toned" overall (front and reverse). Catalog value: $125.00 $15.00 $26.00
84 RW31 Nice "Nene" Goose, 1964 - 65, hunting stamp. MNH with F - VF centering. Catalog value: $120 $24.00 $30.00
85 RW33-35 Three nice duck hunting stamps. All MNH and have F - VF centering. Catalog value; $335. $40.00 $60.00
86 RW60a 1993 RW60a, The Engraved Black Omitted variety. Extremely rare stamp in close to perfect condition. Includes a normal example for comparison. Original cost of over $2000, 15 years ago. Catalog value is $2250. $900.00 $1,600.00
87 An accumulation of a few hundred U.S. revenue stamps, predominantly red documentaries on piece most w/o overprint. Many examples of the odd denominations - 55¢, $1.10. $2.20, $3.30. A fair amount are on piece, but with no cancel. Few, if any are cut. Mixed condition, but generally pretty good. Total catalog value: well over $200. $30.00 $60.00
88 Large accumulation of postal stationery. Includes envelopes, postal cards and unfolded aerogrammes. Includes an uncut sheet of Postal Buddy postal cards. Some duplication. All are 1950s or later. Includes a few of the better recent type of postal cards and Official Mail envelopes. Total face value is about $46. Most are still usable for mailing. $20.00 $40.00
United States Discount Postage Collections
89 A nice discount postage lot. More than 2/3 of the face value is in full sheets. Includes a number of premium items. This is not just another discount postage lot. Total face value is approximately $1240 $600.00 $800.00
90 U.S. Booklets. 13¢-32¢ denominations. Two $9.35 Express Mail. Face value: approximately $500. Lot also includes many plate blocks in glassines. 2¢-$1.00 denominations. Mostly the more useable values. Face value about $300. So total face value of the lot is about $800. $400.00 $500.00
91 Nice accumulation of US mint postage. 1¢ to $5.00 denominations. Most at or above 29¢ issues. Includes a number of better full sheets along with the usual singles and multiples. Some booklets and booklet panes. Also a number of bulk rate, presort and official issues - not counted in the total face value of about $800. $400.00 $500.00
92 Large lot of full gum US postage. A few sheets, mostly blocks, plate blocks and singles. Wide variety of issues. A few stuck down in glassines (not counted). Face value about $600. $300.00 $400.00
93 Nice collection of Plate Blocks( #805 Block of 6 without Pl #) on Minkus Pages. 1938-88 issues plus BOB, most are in mounts. Face value is $334.67. $170.00 $240.00
94 Large box of discount postage. Some full sheets, some mint year sets. Face value about $325. Also includes about $15 face value in postal stationery. $150.00 $200.00
95 Discount postage lot. Mostly 3¢ - 15¢ plate blocks. Total face value: $175.00 $80.00 $100.00

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