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96 Another discount postage lot. A few sheets, but mostly singles and blocks. Denominations are 1¢-22¢. Total face value is approximately $153 $75.00 $100.00
97 Discount postage lot. Mostly 1¢ to 15¢ denominations. A few full sheets - mostly singles blocks and multiples. Some stuck down postage included but not counted in a total of about $160 face value. $80.00 $100.00
98 A bit better than discount postage lot. 4 mint sheet files with 69 full sheets. Includes: 1¢ (1), 3¢ (25), 4¢ (7) and 5¢ (36). Some duplication. Example: 4 sheets of the 5¢ "Amateur Radio" stamp. Total face value: $144.50 $75.00 $100.00
99 A "discount postage " lot which includes premium full sheets. Includes four 20¢ birds and flowers sheets, three 22¢ American Wildlife sheets. Other sheets and some scrap. Face value is about $130. $65.00 $90.00
100 Discount postage lot. Denominations range from $0.01 - $0.32. Face value is approximately $150. Also includes about $25 face value of "skips" on paper with no postmarks. $70.00 $90.00
101 A nice accumulation of mostly 6¢ and 10¢ full sheets and plate blocks. Also 3 sheets of the 29¢ world war II commemoratives. Face value: $140+. A nice postage stamp lot. $55.00 $80.00
102 Nice accumulation of lower denomination discount postage (up to 15¢ values). About $50 in scrap and another $70 in Mint Year Sets (1971//1987). Over $120 total face value. $50.00 $70.00
103 A discount postage lot - blocks of 4, 15 ¢ to 25¢ denominations. Face value is $89+. $40.00 $60.00
104 Discount postage lot. 1¢-22¢ values. Face value: $43.00 $20.00 $30.00
105 Discount postage lot. Mostly mint scrap up to 29¢ denominations. Also includes full sheets: Legend of The West, State Flags and the 1992 Columbus SS with $3 denomination. Over $45 face value. Most are full gum, a few are not (low denominations.). Take good look, more value here than you might think. $20.00 $30.00
United States Postcard Collections
106 About 75 picture postcards. From about 1911 to recent, lithos to chromes, one Century of Progress card (Chrysler Motors Pavilion with a Zeppelin in the background). Wide variety of subjects. Postally used as well as unused. All in an album with plastic pages. Nice group - take a look! $20.00 $30.00
Argentina Collections
107 Nice collection of the stamps of Argentina. Mint and used issues from the mid 1800s to 1965. Nice early issues with some BOB. Owners catalog value of $300. $40.00 $60.00
Austria Collections
108 A mostly used Austria collection neatly hinged in a two-post Scott Specialty Album. About 95% complete to 2007. Owners catalog value of $1312. Also includes an additional CV of $275 for BOB issues on 2 stock sheets. Many over a dollar, includes a C60 - CV $8.50. Total owners catalog value $1587. A very nice collection to build upon. $375.00 $500.00
Baltic States Collections
109 Balkans - Second Coming!! 1990-2004 all OG/NH neatly mounted in Scott three-ring Specialty Binder. From a new issue service - directly to the pages. Total Catalog value of $1240.05 (Estonia $347.85, Latvia $546.65 and Lithuania $345.55). Couple of Estonia pages are unfilled. The rest are 95% complete including Souvenir Sheets. $275.00 $350.00
Belgium and Belgian Congo Collections
110 Thousands of Belgium and Belgian Congo in a nice stock book. Covers 1880 to 2006. Includes some nice cancels in the parcel post issues. Everything is pretty much nicely identified and sorted. $20.00 $40.00
Bhutan Collections
111 A small collection of unused Bhutan stamps from the late 1960's. Most are described as "simulated 3 - dimensions using a plastic overlay". Popular topics include space exploration, butterflies, paintings, fish, insects and birds. Most sets are either complete or mostly complete. Includes 11 souvenir sheets. Total Catalog value: $294.70 $30.00 $60.00
Biafra Collections
112 1-30+ An almost complete collection of MNH stamps of Biafra, including many items which are described in the Scott catalog, but not given catalog numbers. Almost half of #4-16 have slight gum disturbances. #2 has short perfs. Otherwise, very nice condition. Catalog value: $500+ $30.00 $70.00
British Caribbean Collections
113 Collection of many hundreds (probably a few thousand) in mounts on Palo pages in 6 volumes with slip cases. Slip cases, binders and pages to about 1970, are in excellent condition, with plenty of room for expansion. NOT a typical collection!! Some countries are well represented, some have no stamps. Mostly unused, but includes a few used. Generally nice condition, but a very few faulty. Early unused are generally hinged, with later stamps NH. Stamps are from Queen Victoria era to 1970. Total catalog value over $2500. A fair amount of complete (or almost complete) definitive sets of the 1930s to 1960s. Highlights include Antigua #1 used (with certificate), Antigua #67-76 unused, Barbados 216-27 unused, Bermuda 255-71 and 322-8 unused, Cayman Islands 100-11 unused. Last 2 albums (St. Kitts to Turks & Caicos) are almost empty. A fascinating collection, worth careful consideration. $300.00 $600.00

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