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1926 White Plains Souvenir Sheet. Hinged in the selvage. Stamps are MNH. CV $350. F-VF centering. $175.00
Nebraska Overprint set. MNH. CV $530.50. $125.00
803-34, 839-51
1938 Prexie series, including coils. Unused, hinged. CV $175+. $50.00
15¢ Holmes co8il pair - imperf between error. MNH. CV $125. $50.00
Recalled Legends Of The West Sheet in original folder. Very fine centering. Catalog value $220 $100.00

United States Collections
634 // 2393a
Nice collection of US Plate Blocks neatly mounted in Minkus Albums. Primarily commemoratives, plus a few regular issues. Face value is $338.66. $150.00
About 80 glassines with about 100 low denomination older stamps Sc. #651//918. plus $37 face amount of postage, 1¢ to 40¢ issues. Most in the 13¢ and up denominations. $20.00
Two volumes of "The National Postage Stamp Album" by Scott. Albums appear to be in reasonably good condition. This is a nice remainder collection. First volume is copyright 1942 with old numbering system. Nearly $700 current catalog value prior to 1900. Many hundreds of stamps after. Examples: 30¢ - 50¢ Columbian, 1902 set. Scott value $83.50. Jamestown set $42.00. 96 Washingtons and Franklins. Most coils are bad. 1922 is a short set with only the 3 low values. Decent airmails, postage dues etc. Second album contains much newer mint issues and more modern used. Lots of postage between the two albums. Deserves a close look. $150.00
A very substantial collection on quadrille pages. Mostly used, a few mint or unused with no gum. Old owner's catalog value of $5500+. Nice 19th Century items. Includes many back of book (parcel post, revenues and special delivery) and air mail items. Do not let this low start bid price mislead you. It is by owner's request. $100.00
Mint and used U.S. collection on Minkus pages. Contains 19th Century to 1960s issues. Also Includes souvenir sheets, early commemoratives, sets, airmail and other back of book items. Parcel Post complete (used). Denominations to $5 values. Mint stamps are hinged. Old owner's catalog value about $2800. Some space fillers. Worth a close look. $100.00
U.S. estate remainder collection. Hodge - podge of most areas of U.S. philately in 5 binders/albums, on loose album pages, stock sheets etc.. Many thousands of stamps in mixed condition with moderate duplication. Mint, and used, with perhaps $50 or more in face value mint. Spans mid 19th. century to fairly recent. Includes early postage dues, envelope cut squares, special delivery and the usual run of postal adhesives. Cap on both 2s variety of the 1890 s. Many "finds" waiting to be discovered. Even a few 1930's souvenir sheets. If you like U.S. stamps, you must look at this lot. $100.00
Scott's American Stamp Album 1969 with approximately 106 used 1851 to 1910. Also approximately 642 mint hinged up to 1972, and 112 back of book. Most are airmails with some revenues. Total is about 860 stamps. Early used are mostly in poor condition. Perhaps $1500 catalog. Mint postage includes 3 $5 and a few 20¢ - $1. Approximately $100 postage. About 30 U.N. included. Envelope contains about 50 common U.S. stamps on paper Also 2 philatelic books. $100.00
An H.E. Harris U.S. Liberty stamp album (1982 edition) in good condition with approximately $300 used and $280 mint hinged. Note: 11 PB; 11 other multiples; 28 booklet panes (most se-tenant) 5 stamp panes (3 of 10); 27 postal cards 14¢ to 29¢; 3 souvenir sheets of 10 - 12 stamps 3 sheets of 50 (birds, flags and flowers); 1 series 14¢ - 45.00; 1 Priority ($2.40); 1 "Legends Of The West" (Pane of 20 reprint) $100.00
An old U.S. collection, mint and used, on Sergeant and Thorp and Martin pages in a 3 ring binder. Old owner's catalog value about $300. Some space fillers and straight edges, but a good selection of 19th Century to 1935 issues. Also includes back of book, air mail and parcel post issues. Well worth the start bid to break up the collection and deserves a close look. $100.00
A collection/accumulation of a few hundred U.S. revenue stamps. A lot of first issue and many other types ( but no private die or ducks). Mixed condition, but many are pretty nice. No apparent rarities, but not all are the cheapest varieties. Minor duplication. Better items include R44a (x3), R64d and RY5 unused. $50.00
Glassines and stocksheets of misc. U.S. stamps. Many interesting items. Nice line pair of Scott # 611 imperf MNH. Scott Cat. Value: $221.50. Glassine higher value nice used $40 face + other even better used. Glassine of precancels. Lots of variety. Estimated value: $150. Manila stock sheet with misc. revenue. 2nd Manila stock sheet estimated value $35. 3rd Manila stock sheet with very nice used Federal and Washington State duck stamps.. Estimated value: $177. Vario stock sheet both sides filled with estimated 100 stamps. Great variety of U.S. and state revenues. $75.00
H.E. Harris Liberty Album with several hundred mint and used issues (1851 to 2000). Early issues in mixed condition. A number of space fillers. About $120 in mint postage after 1945. $50.00
A postage lot. Mostly $0.01 - $0.06. Some $0.10 and $0.25. Mint sheet file $16.48 #6 envelopes $42.11, block of 6 and 9 of $0.03 $8.16, bunch of $0.03 $26.40, bunch of $0.03 $9.60 and small box loose $4.46. Total $107.71. $40.00
A large, 4 1/2 pound box of U.S. stamps on, and off, paper. Also contains a shoebox of 2 1/2 pounds off paper. Dates range from 1920s to 2000. One zip lock bag on paper has some first class rate to 32¢ and 33 ¢ and some higher denominations to $5 priority mail. $40.00
A collector's accumulation of stamps, loose, both on and off paper. Emptied from little boxes, glassines and stuffed envelopes. Some duplication probable. Years range from early 1900's to 1930's. Great variety. Some back of book. Denominations range up to $2.00. Some blocks of 4. Clear postmarks. Deserves a good look. 6 1/2 pounds net. $40.00

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