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Poland Collections
Two binders, one Minkus album, titled "Poland" stamps 1919 to 1978. Appears to be postally used to mid 1950s. After mid 1950s mostly CTO. Still some postally used, some MNH, some faint cancels and some blocks of 4. Minkus album contains approximately 2500 stamps! White 3 ring binder with quadrille pages, several stock pages and a dozen or so album pages. Contains approximately 1130 stamps. Both albums contain over 3600 stamps. See notes in binders. $60.00 $100.00

Russia Collections
Massive accumulation of Russian stamps in 2 Minkus albums, 2 loaded stockbooks, and 3 large bulging glassine envelopes. Almost all 20th century and mostly modern. The albums and one stockbook are mostly different and mostly CTO. The rest are mint, with sometimes heavy duplication. Still, there appear to be 1000s of different. Obviously, there is enormous catalog value. $50.00 $150.00

WorldWide Collections
4 Scott International Postage Stamp Albums containing an estimated 35,000+ stamps from over 173 countries. Most countries, except France, have some pre 1900 items, and lots to pre 1930s. Also has some up to 1960s. Used, MNH and CTOs. Many pages near full including higher denominations. Clean. Lots of good centering. Only a few damaged. A very wonderful collection. Will fill many holes in your world wide collections. Lots of BOB. Especially old provinces and departments. Part 1 C - F. contains approximately 9100+ stamps. Part 2 contains L - Pn. Part 3 contains Po - S. Part 4 contains Sp - Z. For more detail see notes in front of each volume. $500.00 $800.00
A white 3 ring binder with Vario pages. Stamps are singles to small sets. Catalog value mostly over $10 each. Total catalog value appears to be over $6000. Source: Scott 2016. Approximately 50 mostly good countries. Many older MNH or mint lightly hinged. If you need some older higher priced items, this lot may be for you. $200.00 $600.00
A massive 3 volume collection of the world. Pages are miss - matched, but very full. Better than 17,000 stamps with some duplication. Many medium value stamps are included with the more common ones. $200.00 $350.00
A collection in a Scott International , part 1, plus a few other odds and ends. A few thousand stamps in all. Mint and used. Mostly 19th and early 20th Century. Slight duplication. Quite mixed condition. Some stamps are in atrocious condition, but many appear sound. Apparently no France, or Italy, but many countries are well represented. Countries found include U.S., Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Straits Settlements etc. Many finds waiting to be made. A few large glassines containing old and new China, Japan and Hong Kong. For someone with time, patience and knowledge, this lot could be a real treasure trove. $100.00 $200.00
Scott International Volumes 3 and 4 filled with both the stamps shown and with earlier issues. More than 10,000 stamps ready to be added to your collection. $140.00 $200.00
This lot includes two 6X9 stock books with 12 manila pages with approximately 750 - 800 stamps. May include some better higher denominations. Many MNH Europe. Estimated $500+ in one book. Also many 1991 - 1993 Great Britain and Jersey. Estimated catalog value: $71. Also 6 large souvenir sheets or packs including Korea and Germany. Also fourteen 7 inch envelopes containing Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein and Singapore. Many Europe and some Mexico. Total catalog value in excess of $2000. Worth a careful look. $80.00 $200.00
Remainder lot of foreign and US stamps. Very nice specialized Malta catalog. A few covers and souvenir sheets. UN Flags sheets. Stamp collecting paraphernalia and much more. See the inventory on the box and then browse the contents. $70.00 $150.00
A collection of about 400 Cinderella stamps including dupes. Many interesting examples such as "keep Oregon or Washington Green". 1930s; and 33 "souvenir sheet" Type or Seal type. Examples: Bonneville Dam, Sir Francis Drake Hotel, "electrical Prosperity", Multnomah Fuel Company and others. Also worldwide countries. Too many to list. See list in binder. $75.00 $150.00
A collection of approximately 8,000 stamps in 4 Regent albums. Is a bit sparse with many empty pages, but some are loaded. A few 19th Century, much early to mid 20th Century. Only a few from the 1960s and appears to end in the 1970s. Mixed condition. Contains both mint and used. Strength is in France and other countries. No apparent rarities, but many worthwhile stamps and finds to be discovered. $60.00 $120.00
A collector's worldwide accumulation of loose stamps removed from glassines and stuffed envelopes. Net 5 1/4 pounds. Most off paper. A few on paper. Some duplication. Years seem to be 1900s. Great variety. Many countries represented. Moderate CTOs. Mostly good condition. Worth a good look. $50.00 $100.00
A bountiful Boy Scout collection in a big stockbook. Approximately 1000 items including some covers. Several better sets are included with minimal duplication. $50.00 $80.00
Two well filled stock books of "Art" stamps (mostly nudes). Over 800 stamps and souvenir sheets plus ephemera. Examples include; Postcards, cinderellas and even a Doc's Local Post page. $40.00 $80.00
A worldwide accumulation of stamps removed from loose glassines, and stuffed envelopes, into a medium box. Mixed on paper and off paper. Some duplication and canceled to order. A few older and some postmarks. Great variety with many countries represented. Most are in good condition. Possible "finds". Worth a good look. $40.00 $80.00
Remainder lot with album pages, glassines, stock sheets, etc. Ten groups of mint and used stamps including: Albania - Yemen(2000), Canada, Poland, Romania, Russia(500+), Japan(300+), Chile and WW. Lots of variety - some duplication. Postally used as well as CTO. $40.00 $75.00

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