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About 600 Twentieth Century covers from around the world. Start bid is only 5¢ per cover - less than the kiloware price of the stamps!! $30.00 $50.00
Last of the Owen covers. 700+ of his #5 envelopes: Cyprus to Zanzibar. Cat. Value of the stamps up to $1 per cover. Some duplication. Start is less than kiloware price of the stamps (off paper). $20.00 $40.00
A batch of worldwide covers ( mostly to United States). There are 8 post cards, 19 covers with enclosures (including 5 air letters) and 36 various countries to U.S. including one registered to Canada. Total 63 items. Lots of different stamps on these. Some early to 1960s. $20.00 $40.00
An accumulation of perhaps 400 worldwide covers. The envelopes, perhaps 150, appear to be all foreign, mostly from the 1970s with much Germany, but many other countries included. The postcards, and postal cards, are about evenly split between U.S. and foreign, with a little over a hundred of each, mostly modern but some U.S. go back to early 20th Century. Mixed condition and no apparent rarities. Some better stamps including German Semi-postals and French art stamps. $15.00 $30.00

Topical Polar Philately Collections
Extensive collection of covers, stamps and literature about Polar Philately. Over 115 covers and perhaps 1000+ stamps from different countries. A good beginning toward your starting a new collection. Includes Essence of Polar Philately by Hal Vogel plus 30+ issues of the "Ice Cap News" and other newsletters. This was Ron Sumner's collection. $130.00 $200.00

Topical Trains Collections
Trains, Trains and more Trains! 3 books of train topicals. One 8 page stockbook, 1 6 page stockbook (two sided) and one 3-ring binder. Great variety of colorful stamps. At least 30 countries represented. Lots of catalog value. Approximately 1640 MNH, 790 postally used, 272 CTO. $10 U.S. postage. Also contains postal cards, FDCs and commemorative covers. If trains are your topic, you need to see this lot. $100.00 $200.00

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