PIPEX 2009 PALMARES - Portland Oregon

Alexander Ioannides, Cyprus Postal Stationary Queen Victoria 1878 - 1901
(Also UPSS Marcus White Award, APS Research Medal)

George W. Struble, Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939
(Also American Airmail Society Award of Excellence and Felix Ganz Memorial Grand Award of the American Helvetia Philatelic Society)


Airmail to and frm GB via French and German South Atlantic Services, 1928 - 1940 and Precursory Developments 1919 - 1927 - Michael D. Dixon
(Also APS Medal of Excellence 1900 - 1940 Material)

Decoppet Razor Cancelers of Switzerland - Roger Heath

Waterfowl Hunting Permit Stamps Federal - State - Tribal - Michael D. Jaffe
(Also APS Medal of Excellence Post-1980 Material, and American Revenue Society Award)

The Cross and Numeral Issues of Switzerland - 1882 to 1924 - James Johnstone
(Also American Helvetia Philatelic Society Bronze Award and American Helvetia Philatelic Society Novice Award)

The Columbian Envelopes of 1893 - Marvin and Judith Platt
(Also US Philatelic Classics Society Award)

South Australia - Ron Rhodes

Postal Service Rates in Switzerland - 1862 - 1891 - Harlan F. Stone
(Also American Helvetia Philatelic Society Silver Award, American Philatelic Congress Award for Excellence in Writing, Postal History Society Award)

Usages of Switzerland's Imperforate Siting Helvetia Issue of 1854 - 1863 - Steve P. Turchik
(Also American Helvetia Philatelic Society Gold)

US Postal Stationary Wrapper Usage - Don Undersander
(Also APS Medal of Excellence Pre - 1900 Material, USSS Statue of Freedom Award)


Before the Mulready - PS of the Italian States, 1608 - 1836 - Art Bunce

They Came to America - Lyman Caswell
(Also American Topical Association First Award)

The First Postage Dues of Hungary, 1903 - 1922 - Lyman Caswell

Great Britain Interns Her Refugees from Naziam - Louis Fiset
(Also APS Medal of Excellence 1940 - 1980 Material)

WWII Airmail from Switzerland to Canada, Great Britain and USA - Charles LaBlonde

Swiss Fondue - The Story of Swiss Philately - Bruce Marsden

The 4 cent 1959 Oregon Statehood Issue - Ralph Nafziger

New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hebrides - Sheryll Ruecker
(Also AAPE Gold Award of Honor)

The Sun, Myth, Science, Culture - Anthony A. Wawrukiewicz
(Also American Topical Association Second Award)

1898 Canadian Imperial Penny Postage Issue: Concept to its Centenary - Hugh D. Westgate
(Also British North America Philatelic Society Award, AAPE Novice Award)


The Tag-a-Long 1 Cent Inkwell and Quill - Ruth Caswell
(Also AAPE Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting Medal, Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award)

The Sacred Peafowl - Carol Edholm
(also American Topical Association Third Award)

The 1939 Swiss National Exposition The 'Landi' - Richard T. Hall

The George Rogers Clark Stamp of 1929 - Jerry Johnson

Delays in Delivery of the Mail - Jerry Johnson
(Also Auxiliary Markings Club Richard B. Graham Award)

Switzerland Projuvenente International Usages - 1912 - 1937 - Bruce Marsden

Civil Censorship on U.S. FDC During the WWII Era - Ralph H. Nafziger


Early Liechtenstein Postal Designs - Charles Bertolacci

Via Air Mail from the Canal Zone - Leonard Lukens

Single Frame GRAND and Gold Awards

Hotel Schweizerhof - 1872 - 1919 - Roger Heath
(Also American Helvetia Philatelic Society Best One Frame Award)

Single Frame Vermiel Awards

Helvetia Booklet Stamps of Switzerland - James Johnstone

Diminutive Crossroads of Pennsylvania - 1831 - 1906 - William Schultz
(Also AAPE Gold Award of Honor)

Switzerland's 1909 UPU Commerative Postal Cards - Harlan F. Stone

The Olympic Jubilee - Lausanne 1944 - Andrew Urushima

Comets - Anthony A. Wawrukiewicz
(Also ATA One Frame Exhibit Merit Award)

Single Frame Silver Awards

Postmarks of North Yakima - Robert T. Kinsley

Steam Conquers the Atlantic - Wolfgang Spille

Single Frame Silver - Bronze Awards

The History and Development of Camelidae - Keith Edholm

Seals Across Oregon - George Painter

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